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patterns of ink

How fruitless to be ever thinking yet never embrace a thought... to have the power to believe and believe it's all for naught. I, too, have reckoned time and truth (content to wonder if not think) in metaphors and meaning and endless patterns of ink. Perhaps a few may find their way to the world where others live, sharing not just thoughts I've gathered but those I wish to give. Tom Kapanka

Sunday, October 31, 2010

Come and Gone: Nora's First October

Two additional skunk photos added Wednesday, November 3, 2010.

I have written before that I am prone to meloncholy in the fall, but this particular autumn has been overshadowed with many other things large and small. The large things are around me—unsettling at times—but not so much that my little granddaughter can't bring me joy and turn my heavy sighs to laughter. Her name is Nora, and this was her first October.

This is her at the Lewis Orchard with Mom and Dad three weeks ago. The apples were huge, plentiful, and perfect for eating on the spot.
That day trip began with our annual trek to Country Dairy. Contrary to the sign, it is not an arm store (for prosthetic limbs) but a farm store with a cafe on the grounds where customers get a bottomles glass of ice cold milk with every meal. The old railroad track in front of the farm has been made into a great bicycle trail.

Just down the road from Country Dairy is another farm, famous for its fall activities. Nora wasn’t the least bit afraid of the zebra, the elephant, the camel, and even this goat.

She picked out a pumpkin last week...

...and last night, while hundreds of Trick-or-Treaters came running to our porch, they were greeted by this little skunk.

She wore her skunk costume for about an hour, but then she really got "into character," and the little stinker had to go inside to get her diaper changed.

Emily (Nora's mom) bought the costume on Ebay. I'd swear she was a giant skunk trying to get away from Pepé Le Pew.


Blogger Nancy said...

I just can't stop laughing...that has to be the cutest picture in the whole world! Nora on all fours...it is just priceless and I'm sure she is one of the biggest blessings of your entire life! There is still a big smile on my face as I type this. Thanks so much for sharing and please continue to enjoy every precious minute with Nora.

13/11/10 5:29 PM  
Blogger patterns of ink said...

You know Julie runs a preschool with 30+ 4-year-olds. Well, Wednesday she was teaching the letter "S" so of course she had to bring Nora in with her "S"kunk costume. The kids loved it. I thought she would be afraid to see that many "big kids" but she was a ham. Later she came by my office, and the secretaries loved it.

How was your visit to Michigan?

13/11/10 10:26 PM  

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