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patterns of ink

How fruitless to be ever thinking yet never embrace a thought... to have the power to believe and believe it's all for naught. I, too, have reckoned time and truth (content to wonder if not think) in metaphors and meaning and endless patterns of ink. Perhaps a few may find their way to the world where others live, sharing not just thoughts I've gathered but those I wish to give. Tom Kapanka

Thursday, March 01, 2012

Treasured Pages

I thought I had seen everything Disney studios ever put out, but evidently not. Back in 1948, Walt Disney and his team were pioneering the craft of adding animation to regular camera footage. By today's digital standards, the outcome may seem quaint, and the style of the title song may even be cornny, but just the same, I think I'd rather watch the seamless segues in the opening scene of So Dear to My Heart than a Transformer destroying New York City.

Two other things occurred to me as I watched the clip below:

TV was virtually non-existent when this film was made. This was viewed by millions in theaters just after WWII. Think about what these images tell us about the values of that time period. Obviously, Disney's own values filtered his studio’s product, but the fact they were presumably "marketable values" that they also struck a chord with the audience of the day.

The second thing is bit obvious but worth mentioning. The film is made in 1948 but it is set just after the turn of the century. The device Disney uses to turn back the pages of time is a scrap book. The attic setting in the opening shot reminds me of my mother's attic which I have written about here at POI (though it is admittedly much neater than my mother's attic used to be). And, yes, up in that attic were some old scrap books with stories on each page and boxes of old photographs that introduced the characters.

I have a friend who is an avid "scapper" and writes about it a lot on her blog called Nitty Gritty. I think I'll send this link to her. She and her family recently moved back home to Minnesota and everyone misses them in their former school. I think she will enjoy this little-known Disney classic. It is a tribute to scrapping... the art of passing time on pages past from age to age. But my Nitty Gritty friend is more than an artist. She has the unique ability of gathering the bits and pieces of life--in real time-- and bringing feeling back to the fragments. She knows about making treasured pages and taking strength from the most treasured pages of all. 


Blogger Jody said...

How fitting to find your comment on my blog today and see this Disney piece. It's wonderful...I found a link to a lnegthier segment as well and it is done very well when you consider the time and technology in which it was created. It almost looks 3-D at times with the colors and shading and depth that was achieved. I would take my family to this over Transformers too. =)
We miss everyone at CCS and have tried to stay in touch via FB and sending hand written Valentines too. It's starting to sink in right about now that we won't be coming back. Much like taking a nice vacation, but then you find yourself ready to "be home". It doesn't feel like home here yet. But we are praying that God will help us to feel that soon. Especially if and when we get our house sold and can settle in on this end of the move. There have been things I could blog about on Nitty.Gritty., but honestly, I have felt sort of overwhelmed with the idea of writing it out and sharing it with "the world". I have received somewhat hurtful comments in the past and sometimes it seems like it's not worth it for me to write and bare my soul and have those words get twisted or taken in the wrong spirit. So part of my lack of blogging comes from not knowing what or how much to share anymore, as well as not having as much "fun and exciting" material to write about. God is still working in and through us and in ways we sometimes don't even like all that much. And sometimes those stories are best shared after you have walked through them a bit longer and you have a better grasp as to why and how come and for what purpose. I did pull out some scrapbooking boxes and looked through some of the things I have missed being creative with the past several months. I am hoping to get back into the routine of making things and sending handmade cards and just enjoying my kids cutting and gluing and making a mess for the fun of it. Ava is going to be working on her handwriting skills and I will be teaching her cursive too- since that is no longer a part of the public school curriculum. She was so upset to find that out- yet one more reason to miss CCS. We know God has placed us here and feel very much at peace. There have been wonderful connections made and we are getting well established in a local church. A part of our "story" was shared in the local paper before we even got here, so people are watching, listening and anxious and supportive to hear more and help us as they can. Moving has made me even more aware the reality that this world is not our home. How I long for Heaven more and more. And see how important it is to scrap, or blog or write down and pass along the stories of how God has worked through our lives. Maybe one day one of my kids will tell it through the movie lens. That would be amazing and I would love to see it before I am gone. I look forward to seeing the pages of our lives from Heaven's vantage point- when it all makes perfect sense and each wrinkled page and faded picture speaks of one thing- the glory of God forevermore. Oh what an eternity it will be. I hope there are porches there too. We can catch up and worship and praise the Savior together and all the missing we have done down here won't even be a memory. It will simply be astounding to be home. Thanks so much for keeping in touch, for caring from a distance, and for missing us a bit too. We keep praying for the whole CCS family and the things God is doing. It is all for His glory. To that end we pray. Give my best to your lovely wife, daughters, granddaughter and best to your soon-to-be grandson and his dad, Keith. Your scrapbooks are growing these days too! =)

2/3/12 11:00 PM  
Blogger Tom Kapanka said...

Thanks for the update. Relocation is hard. It does take a while to feel at home. We went through that after moving back to Michigan after 18 years in Iowa--even as I type that it is hard to believe that our move was 12 years ago. We still have good friends in both of our "home states"--and throw in Kansas as a "home state,"too, because of Julie's roots.

The older I get, the more life feels like a banyan tree and I can't tell the roots from the trunks and branches. But it's good to feel the touch of rain, the warmth of the sun... and to know that sometimes it's our roots that hold up our arms.

4/3/12 4:07 PM  
Blogger Jody said...

I just read your banyan tree post as well as the comment here. What a great thought and truth too. We certainly are being very well supported by my parents here in MN. They have come over several times already to assist with needs, give us their time with the kids and also encourage us in this transition time. Just this past Saturday night they babysat while Chip and I went to a member open house. I fully expected to be cordial and I was happy to meet some avid golfers that would be spending time at the club with Chip this summer. But the night turned from a casual get-to-know and welcome Chip and Jody event to a time of testimony for Chip and me. As I shared the experience we had just had with my parents- how people we thought were just wanting to say welcome turned into a time of witness and sharing our faith journey- they couldn't help but be excited for us and how God clearly IS at work. And not just in opening up a position as GM for Chip. But as a place where we can share the gospel and plant seeds too. My parents called yesterday to tell me that their church service had been about how we play different roles in sharing the gospel and most people are used in supporting roles to others. They were so happy to be able to stay with our kids as we had opportunity to share our story and we could all see how God is using each of us to spread His message to others. My roots {parents and the faith they introduced me to and grew in me} clearly are holding up our arms. What a great imagery. I also have to tell you that I was moved by own comment here as I thought more about what holds me back in my blogging these days. After I typed out some of the reasons and then heard a tesimony of a local woman working at the alternative school here in town and then with our sharing time, church service and another biblestudy on God's goodness last night I was very convicted. How shallow of me to not want to put my words and stories 'out there' for fear of negative comments or my words being taken wrong or my feelings being hurt. Christ DIED for me and saved me from eternal punishment. I not only have a story to tell, but I have been called to be a witness to what He has done for me! The Holy Spirit has obviously been moving in many ways. I hope to be able to put my thoughts into words and am actually excited to think of all the things I can write and share again- no matter who reads them and takes them right or wrong. That's not my role to fill. I am called to be a light...and He will do the rest! That I was chosen to share His message is still a wonder and mystery to me. But I am glad to come to my senses and I would encourage you to share more too. He is good and we can certainly tell stories to that end. Thanks again for your care, concern, prayers and love for our family. We are blessed to have crossed paths this side of Heaven.

5/3/12 2:48 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

WHEW!! I seldom come on your blog(s) lately due to a move and life-change of my own. Jody, if you read this, I will say it's been 2 years for me and I'm still having "flash-backs" to doing tasks in my former home, going places etc. We lived in that town for nearly 30 years though so guess some "roots" had been establised. Us women "nest" and settle in, in a place so I think it can be harder for us. Moving is always hard (we've done 2 major ones and several mini ones...well more than several)and it all takes "time" to really settle in, make friends and having a comfy feeling. The last house we lived in before here---I remember we had just moved into it when a friend asked me "if it felt like home yet!" I had to think before answering but my answer was that I thought one had to have a few memories first before the "home" feeling. Family dinners, friend-gettogethers and more! Tom and Jody, I love ready your blogs as you both are gifted in writing and making 'word pictures' plus expressing feelings. Don't give it up! One day I may have to establish myself with a blog as well...just to sort out my life-experiences.

Thank you for being transparent. Jody, I know Northfield and I have no doubt that God is working through you and Chip in that community! PTL!!

Tom, I'm old enough to have seen "So Dear To My Heart" as a wee little girl. My dad was a projectionist at our local theator so my family got in free! I used to see LOTS of movies growing up (enough so that in Trivial Pursuit) I can win in the movies "IF" before the early 70's. I think 'back in the day' that ALOT of movies really portrayed our society in a sweeter way. Much was given to imagination instead of graphic _____(fill in the blank). My parent's attic when I was a small child always was a place for me to go to and rummage and wonder!! So much has been lost over the years that folks don't ascribe to (myself included) as folks did back then.

5/3/12 6:33 PM  
Blogger . said...

This is Tom--just not signed in.

Wow! This is like old times. A comment section with meaningful comments.

Jody, you do realize that WSL (Wisconsin Sandwich Lady, whose name was invented because Wisconsin was "sandwiched" in between Michigan where you lived and Minnesota where you now live again) is a friend our yours. I only know her through blogging. Somehow she found Patterns of Ink from Nitty Gritty many years ago, and we have been chatting in comment section ever since. So it is very fitting that she happened by when this post was on top. I'm so glad to hear of your good week there and of your intentions to write again. I have always said you have at least one "book" in you. You have to understand that back in the hayday of blogging, you had hundreds of avid readers. So naturally in such a huge assortment of mostly female readers (no offense--but remember when I used to leave a comment and say "Man on the hall!" first? Chip and I would sometimes chat to each other in your comment section just to make each other more comfortable...) Anyway, I remember some of the comments that you're talking about. Ignore them. Your writing was somewhat cathartic (as much of mine was) and when that is the case, it leaves the writer a bit vulnerable in real time. Remember, books go through months of writing and re-writing in private and then hit the market. Your Nitty Gritty blog was an unfiltered "book" mixed with the events of everyday "real life" with you and Chip and the kids. Then there was the pressure of posting often (if not daily). That is a pace no human can keep up with. To whatever extent blogging is "literature" it's been said that we should bring life to literature and the other way around. In other words, it is not what is said about what is done that gives life its fullest meaning. I think you might enjoy a video I posted a few months back. It might help you sort out some feelings those negative comments caused and why it matters that you write again as time allows.


12/3/12 3:31 PM  

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