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patterns of ink

How fruitless to be ever thinking yet never embrace a thought... to have the power to believe and believe it's all for naught. I, too, have reckoned time and truth (content to wonder if not think) in metaphors and meaning and endless patterns of ink. Perhaps a few may find their way to the world where others live, sharing not just thoughts I've gathered but those I wish to give. Tom Kapanka

Saturday, October 14, 2006

Ode to Today!

One week later.
down went a Gator
up went the Wolverines
in some hard-hitting scenes
against a Nittany Cat,
Best of all, before all that,
the Tigers swept the Oakland A’s...
Wonderful day in many ways!

(Sorry 'bout the doggerel, but after a surreal week when it SNOWED most of Thursday and we had a busy in-service at school Friday...a Michigander couldn't really ask for a better Saturday evening on both fields.)


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